Ross MacVicar
253 Long Pond Road
Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360
(508) 746-2347

Ross thanks you all for your calls however, he will not be doing any carving until after September 2020. Thanks for understanding.

Known as the "Jack of All Trades" who can build or fix just about anything, Ross MacVicar is an avid outdoorsman who's been studying nature since childhood and has been carving as a hobby for over 20 years. Ross first started out carving signs and decoy ducks and later began making jewelry from bone, billiard balls and stone. But for more than 10 years he has focused his art on wielding a chainsaw to create some truly unique pieces of art. His specialty is carving North American mammals and nature scenes but he can carve just about anything you can think of.

Ross' lifelong studies of wild animals and nature have allowed him to develop a deeper understanding of his subjects. Combine this with his attention to detail and you get a work of art that is more realistic and lifelike and would make a beautiful addition to any landscape.

Maybe you have a tree or two that you were thinking about having removed? Well before having them cut down to ugly stumps consider leaving 4 or 5 feet so Ross can carve them into mystical Woodland Spirits to keep watch over your home and property.

While most of Ross' work is done at his home in Plymouth, Massachusetts, he will often do shows at County Fairs, Garden Centers and Sportsmen Shows around the New England area. If you would like to have Ross carve at one of your events please give him a call.

Ross has many more examples of his work that haven't yet been posted on this site. He will be happy to recreate any carving you like or if you have an idea of your own there is an excellent chance he can make it for you, all you have to do is ask. If you'd like to see Ross' work up close you can schedule an appointment to visit his showroom.

It's amazing to see Ross in action, he's a real crowd pleaser. So if you're in need of a little entertainment for your outdoor event, are thinking of giving your yard some character or would just like more information about Ross' work, he'd love to *hear from you.

*As you can probably tell Ross is a lot more comfortable in the out of doors than he is in front of a computer, so phone calls are generally preferred over email, however all emails will be answered.

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